What tests will be required of MoVIP students?

All MoVIP students (public, private and home schooled) are required to participate in the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) and End of Course (EOC) testing. MAP and EOC tests measure a students’ progress toward mastery of the Show-Me Standards, which are the educational standards in Missouri.

  • MAP: All students in grades three through eight in Missouri will take the MAP test in communication arts and math. Students in grades five and eight will also take the MAP test in science.
  • EOC: End-of-Course assessments are taken when a student has received instruction on the course-level expectations for an assessment, regardless of grade level (but typically in high school). EOC tests are required in the subject areas of algebra I, biology, English II and government.

How does MAP and EOC testing work for MoVIP students?

If a student is enrolled in the public school district, MoVIP staff will send the log in information and test materials for the MAP and EOC tests to the local school district. The local school will need to assume responsibility for administering the assessments. If the school district staff cannot administer the assessment, MoVIP staff will ensure the assessments are administered.

When does MAP and EOC testing occur?

Testing generally occurs during the months of April and May. MoVIP staff will provide specific information about testing requirements, locations, times, dates, etc. to parents and school districts.

Who is responsible for a student’s MAP and EOC scores?

If a school district pays for a student’s MoVIP tuition, they are accountable for their MAP and EOC scores. If the school district does not pay the tuition for the courses, the district may choose to accept or not accept their MoVIP students’ scores. However, districts must accept all or none of the MoVIP students’ scores. If a district does not want to accept the scores, MoVIP will accept them.