What is a medically fragile student?

MoVIP offers free courses to students who have been designated as “medically fragile” and cannot attend school due to a permanent (six weeks or longer) medical, social or emotional condition. To be considered, a Medically Fragile Application must be completed and faxed at 573-522-1134 or emailed at movipinfo@dese.mo.gov to the MoVIP Office. The application must be signed by both a parent and a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.

Please visit the Medically Fragile Students section of our website to see if funds for state-funded tuition for the current school year have been exhausted.

As a medically fragile student, how many courses can I take?

We recommend up to four courses per semester under this program.

What else do I need to know about medically fragile students?

  • The medically fragile seats in MoVIP are not for temporary medical conditions (six weeks or less).
  • Students who apply and are accepted into the medically fragile program are expected to participate for an entire semester.
  • If sufficient funds are not available to meet demand, priority will be given to medically fragile students who absolutely cannot attend school for medical reasons.
  • Interested students, who do not qualify as medically fragile, may attend MoVIP by paying tuition.
  • Students receiving state tuition for medically fragile seats must successfully complete their semester of current enrollment prior to being enrolled in another semester.