Is MoVIP available during the summer for high school and middle school students?

Yes, but please be aware that the courses for the summer semester are set up so that students can complete a traditional 16-week session in approximately eight to nine weeks. In other words, the pace is twice as fast in the summer. Additional days are usually provided for holidays.

Is MoVIP available during the summer for elementary students?

Most elementary courses are not offered in the summer, with the exception of a few foreign language and “Summer Smarts” courses offered by Connections Learning. MoVIP cannot offer credit for Summer Smarts courses. They are for enrichment only and cannot be added to the student’s transcript.

Is state funding available for summer courses for medically fragile students?

No, the medically fragile funding is only available during the fall and spring semesters. Please visit the Medically Fragile Students section of our website for more information on that program. School districts or parents may choose to pay for medically fragile students for summer classes.

Are unaccredited and provisionally accredited school districts required to pay for tuition during the summer?

No, they are required to pay during the regular school year (fall and spring semesters), but they are not required to pay during the summer.